Adpushup Software Pvt. Ltd.


Advertising Technology

The Problem:

Ineffective lead generation.

The Solution:

Targeted content strategy, SEO optimization, Core Web Vitals improvements.

The Result:

29% increase in organic traffic, top search rankings, and 13% increase in lead generation.

Adpushup's SEO and Lead Generation Success


Client Background:

Adpushup is a technology company specializing in ad revenue optimization and ad layout optimization for digital publishers.

The company aims to help publishers overcome the challenges of ad viewability, ad fatigue, and ad-blocking while maintaining a positive user experience.

Adpushup provides a range of tools and services to publishers, including ad layout optimization, A/B testing, header bidding, ad refresh, and ad blocker recovery.

Their proprietary technology and algorithms enable publishers to maximize their ad revenues by optimizing ad placements, formats, and ad delivery strategies.

 By leveraging data-driven insights and advanced ad optimization techniques, Adpushup empowers publishers to achieve higher ad revenues without compromising the user experience.

Key Challenges

Drop in Organic Traffic

Difficulties in ranking for business-relevant keywords, resulting in a decline in organic traffic.

Poor Core Web Vital Score

Website had a poor Core Web Vitals score, negatively impacting UX and search rankings.

Ineffective Lead Generation

Not generating leads through their blog and main website, hindering business growth opportunities.

Lack of authority and thought-leadership

Lacked  industry authority and thought leadership, limiting their credibility and influence.

Key Strategies

Highlighted Works:


Achieved a remarkable 29% increase in organic traffic, showcasing the effectiveness of SEO efforts.

More than 40 blog posts ranked in the top 3 search results, leading to increased visibility and organic traffic.

80+ posts ranked in the top 10 of organic search results,  strengthening Adpushup's online presence.

Experienced a notable 13% increase in form sign-ups, indicating successful lead generation through the blog and website.

Witnessed a 9% decrease in bounce rate, demonstrating improved user engagement and website stickiness.

Realized 9% increase in marketing qualified leads (MQLs) indicating the effectiveness of the lead generation strategy.

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