Sunera Technologies


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The Problem:

Inability to generate sales-qualified leads from the website.

The Solution:

Revamped content, engaging videos, optimized CTAs, CXO branding, and style guide.

The Result:

Improved CTR, increased MQLs and SQLs, 239% more LinkedIn followers, ranked for business keywords.

Driving Thought Leadership for Industry Authority

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Client Background:

Sunera Technologies is a leading technology solutions provider. Despite a strong portfolio of services (digital transformation, cloud computing, data analytics, and software development), the company faced challenges in generating SQLs from their website.

The existing content failed to effectively communicate the value of their solutions, resulting in missed opportunities for lead conversion.

Additionally, Sunera Technologies sought to establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry to increase brand recognition and gain a competitive edge.

The implementation of content marketing strategies such as website content revamp, product videos, improved CTAs, style guide development, and CXO branding initiatives were instrumental in resolving these challenges.

Key Challenges

Ineffective Lead Generation

Not generating leads through their blog and main website, hindering business growth opportunities.

Lack of authority and thought-leadership

Lacked  industry authority and thought leadership, limiting their credibility and influence.

Key Strategies

Highlighted Works:


8.5% increase in CTR and increased time spent on the website by 7%, indicating higher user engagement.

17% increase in MQLs and 13% improvement in SQLs, boosting the overall lead generation.

Achieved a 239% increase in LinkedIn followers and 113% increase in  engagement.

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