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30+ Latest Content Writing Samples to Master Content Writing

30+ content writing samples to get you started with creating content that converts.

As content is the driving force of today’s businesses, high-quality content takes the upper hand. And as a beginner, it’s a challenging job.

In this post, I’ll show you 30 examples of how professional writers make their writing engaging and informative.

I’ll also share content writing samples and answer some of the most frequently asked questions on examples of content writing

Let’s dive right in.

Write Less:

Weird advice, right?

I know. One cannot ask a writer to write less. In fact, the more they write, the better their craft gets.

Well, as a writer, I also abide by the ‘write more, read more‘ rule.

But, when I publish digital content, I cut all the clutter. I never use a long word when a short one will do. Similarly, if I can cut a word and retain the core message, I do so.

Writers are often tempted to show off their vocabulary, and in that process, they choose obtuse words and add unnecessary details. 

There are many strategies for cutting the clutter and untangling your words. I have covered it all in this ‘6-Layer Guide for Self-Editing.

#Example (Sample Content Writing):

It can take the form of a crisis = It can be a crisis.

In order to learn writing properly, you should read more.

This is actually an interesting question.

There is a dog sitting on top of my car. 

Key Takeaways:

1. Never use a long word when a short one will do.
2. If you can cut a word and retain your core message, do so.
3. Do not write in passive language
4. Use everyday English words instead of using jargon or complex terms.

Create a Catchy Title:

There are two things that searchers look for before clicking on a result on Google:

  • Title
  • Meta description

Although the meta description can be dynamic – Google might choose the most appropriate one at its discretion – the title is static. You must put efforts to make your title catchy.

And here are a few things to do that:

  • Make it 100% specific
  • Use numbers
  • User Power Words
  • Convey a sense of urgency
  • Announce Exciting News
  • Use Emotional Adjectives
  • Keep it Short & Simple

Of course, you can’t follow all these principles in one title. If you are able to do that, then jackpot. Here are few interesting heading examples to learn from:

Key Takeaways:

1. Keep Titles Short, Simple, and to the Point
2. Use Numbers, Power words, and Emotional Adjectives

Engaging Introduction:

Yes, people will click on your article when they see a catchy headline. But, do you think they’ll stay if the introduction is not engaging?

No. They’ll bounce back to the SERP within seconds.

An engaging introduction is as significant as a catchy headline. To keep your visitors reading your article, work on your introduction.

Here are a few tips to create introductions that grab and hold attention:

  • Ask a question
  • Start with a story or incident
  • Use a quote
  • Use an analogy, a metaphor, or a simile
  • Cite a persuasive statistic

#Example (Sample Content Writing):

Headline: How to Design a Stunning Book Cover

Introduction: Imagine a book not meeting a potential sale. Why? Because the design of the book cover was so basic and out of the theme that no-one took a second glance at it. And….

Give Your Writing a Personal Touch

Content writers often produce content on topics that have already been covered in the past.

Should this hinder their ability to introduce new perspectives and original ideas? I think not. Creative content writing requires the ability to articulate, add unique perspectives, a sense of wonder, and the wisdom to skip the wrong words.

If you want to be a successful content writer, you must learn to put a personal spin on your writing.

For exampIe, I recently published an article on ‘content writer jobs in 2023.’ Although there were 100+ sites covering the same topic, my personal story and experiences stood out.

#Example (Sample of Content Writing):

When I started content writing in 2015, my employer paid me peanuts ($1 for one article of 500 words, literally!)

Everyone who learned of my ‘monthly income’ asked me to stop writing and find a real job.

I was also planning to quit until realized how vast the content industry is and how many opportunities there are to make a living with writing!

In my upcoming articles, I’ll share everything that helped me get into writing and earn a living. In today’s article, I’ll discuss how to land high-paying content writing jobs.

You don’t always have to start a topic with a personal story. There are many ways to add a personal touch. Including:

  • Adding Fun facts
  • Using Analogies and examples
  • Incorporating humor into your writing
  • Building writing aesthetics

Know Your Audience’s Search Intent:

Search intent describes the purpose of an online search. It tells why a person searched for a particular thing, product, or place?

When you are familiar with your audience’s search intent, you know what content and messages they care about. Knowing your audience will also help you determine the appropriate tone and voice for your article.

You can provide relevant information that fits a user’s search query. This tells your audience that you’ve expertise and you know how to answer questions they have.

While writing the article, always ask these questions:

  • Who am I writing for?
  • Am I answering my target reader’s questions?

#Example (Sample Content Writing):

In the example below, the author had a target audience in mind: beginners who struggled to build careers in the content writing industry. Hence, the entire article is written keeping the search intent in mind.

Skim-Through, Readable Content:

Ever visited a page and picked up your dictionary to understand the first line?

Overwhelming the reader with jargon, difficult typography, and too many bold or italics can make them leave the website quickly.

Readability is an important factor in producing quality content (especially if you’re writing for the internet). It influences Google ranking, as well as usability, accessibility, and UX.

#Example (Content Writing Samples):

Below I have attached clippings from two different websites. Both these articles are written on same topic (writing conventions).

Although Example A has good information, Example B is more pleasing on the eyes because:

1. Short sentences
2. Small paragraphs
3. Lots of White Spaces
4. No jargon
5. List / Bullet Points

Example A (Content Writing Samples):

sample of content writing

Example B (Sample Content Writing):

what is content writing example

Go Beyond Online Research

If you search for a topic, thousands of articles will appear with same ideas and outline.

The majority of writers limit their research to top 3-5 articles, resulting in identical or similar content. Ever wondered how you can make your content unique? Here:

  • Books / e-books
  • Webinars
  • Research papers
  • Seminars
  • Events
  • Self-research
  • Case-Studies
  • Your Own Experiences
  • Do expert roundups
  • Conduct Interviews

When you go beyond online research, your content will be original and unique. There will be insights that people can’t find anywhere else online.

#Example (Sample Content Writing):

I gained unique insights from this case-study published by Ahrefs on link-building. For this article, the author didn’t just rely on the information available on the internet. They did their own research and shared learnings in the form of a case study.

Fact-Empowered Content:

Facts help establish credibility within an article. Apart from adding context to your writing, facts also help writers present arguments in a logical, objective way.

If you don’t fact check, you will not be able to present your readers with the most relevant and up-to-date information.

Furthermore, Google also favours websites that provide reliable information. If faux content is served, the possibility of building customer relations and website authority is unlikely. 

Example (Sample of Content Writing):

I recently published a post on ‘how to drive organic traffic in 2023.’ While sharing helpful strategies on SEO, I also provided relevant facts and additional resources to make logical arguments:

sample of content writing

Create Expert Roundups

Expert blogs are popular with readers – even Google favors them.

Interviewing industry experts is one of the most effective ways to improve the expertise score of your content. 

With the right planning, you can turn these interviews into multiple “expert” content pieces, such as:

  • Instagram Reels: Create multiple reels on different topics
  • YouTube video: Publish the interview on YouTube or another video sharing website
  • Podcasts: Publish the audio on podcast platforms (Spotify, Saavn, and Apple Podcast).
  • Blog Post: Publish the transcript on your website as a blog. Within the blog content, embed YouTube videos and podcasts.

#Example (Sample Content Writing):

To publish a post on How to Write a Query Letter, I interviewed popular literary agents. This helped me create unique content and provide expert opinion. Check the example below:

samples of content writing

Use the Right Tone:

A writer’s tone affects the reader just as one’s tone of voice affects the listener in conversation.

Irrespective of type of content (a blog post, social media post, case study), you should always be mindful of the tone of your writing. Now, depending on the type of website, the tone of the content can be conversational and direct. 

#Example (Sample Content Writing)

This writing sample is taken from Mindfulsome, a website dealing with relationships, sexual wellness and parenting styles. In the example, the writer empathetically talks about the challenges of being a mother. The tone makes it easy for mothers to relate and likely to engage more with the content.

content writing samples


Conversational tone is only sometimes appropriate. Tone depends on the niche, industry, and audience type. For example, writing for a pharmaceutical company may require a more professional tone.

Optimize Your Content for SEO

Since I have discussed SEO so often, let’s get right to the point. Here are a few ways to optimize your content:

  • The title, heading, description, slug, and alt (for images) should all contain relevant keywords.
  • Maintain a keyword density of 1 to 2% in your content body.
  • Mobile-friendly and fast-loading websites are the most effective.
  • Link internally to other pages.
  • Optimize for the user’s search intent.

#Example (Content Writing Samples)

Optimising this post for SEO helped me rank on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

Compelling CTA:

You have published tons of content on your website, yet low conversions?

Why? Your content needs to call for action.

CTAs depend on the answer, reaction, or activity you want from your readers.

Do you want your readers to fill a form, download the guide, buy your book, sign up for your event, or register on your site?

Whatever it is, ensure your customer perfectly understands what action is expected. A clear CTA is essential to meet your desired communication objective. 

#Example (Content Writing Samples):

In the content writing example by, the writer targets all the freelancers to get started by convincing everyone of being worthy. The punch line “big or small, we’ve got a solution for you” calls interested freelancers to join the community.

Use Images and Infographics

Human attention span is extremely short (8 seconds). Most people skim the content rather than read it. 

So, how will you make the most of those seconds?

Through catchy images.

People will engage with your text 10x more if you include interesting visuals.

However, don’t just upload random images. Everything in your article should add value, whether it’s information, visuals, or headings.

Check this infographic on creating the best SEO content:

sample content writing

Content Writing Samples Examples According to Industry:

Content is subjective to the type of industry as it decides the tone, visuals, style, and design.

An industry dealing in lifestyle content will have a more conversational tone. While an industry dealing in advertising will be technical.

I. Example of lifestyle content:

Mydreamgarden presents an article on how to grow mint. This blog post is short, precise and within a few seconds reader knows how to grow mint.

II. Example of professional content writing:

Professional content speaks the language of the chosen industry with a specific audience in consideration. This is the example of a construction-based company Flexbase:

The readers readily understand what the company offers.

In Closing:

These content writing sample examples are a push in the direction of being a better writer. Written content is the foundation of a successful business. Thus, to be the better writer among the best is inevitable. Adding the above-mentioned content writing sample examples to your writing portfolio will also get you noticed by bigger brands.

FAQs on Content Writing Samples:

What are the most engaging content writing topics in 2023?

Although there is content for everything under the sun, the most engaging topics for content writing in 2023 are:

1. Social media advertising
2. Parenting 
3. Health and wellness
4. Inspirational and spirituality
5. Travel and tourism
6. Small business startups
7. Education and language
8. Self-care blogs

What is Content Writing Example?

Content writing example include writing blog posts and articles, creating case studies or white papers, writing content for specific platforms, such as Quora or Reddit, and producing scripts for videos and podcasts.

What is the Content Writing Format?

Content writing follows many formats. It can be FAQs, blogs, guides, ebooks, case studies, or success stories- the possibilities are endless. Though there is no exact format to write content, a few tips can be helpful:

1. Keep the content visually pleasing
2. Use bullet points wherever necessary
3. Keep the paragraphs short
4. Avoid fancy or specialised vocabulary
5. Font size must be consistent

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